Minimalist Audio Equipment with Ultra Fast Power Device Technology

Primare products are designed and manufactured in Sweden using high-quality components and materials. Known for producing audio equipment that are minimalist in design, the company offers a range of products including amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, network players, and power amplifiers. In addition to its audio products, Primare has also developed a proprietary technology called UFPD (Ultra Fast Power Device), designed to deliver high-quality sound with minimal distortion and power consumption.
The concept of balance, harmony, and proportion is evident in all of Primare’s award-winning hi-fi components, which have been designed and produced in southern Sweden for the past 30 years. These products reflect Scandinavian ideals like “lagom,” which means finding satisfaction through balance and harmony. Primare’s approach to design is modular and environmentally conscious, with a focus on lasting quality, ease of use, and exceptional performance for all types of music and visual experiences, whether they are analog or digital, wired or wireless, stored or streamed.

Primare’s products are designed to be elegant and simple, with a classic Scandinavian physical design that allows for flexibility in placement and straightforward interfaces. The electrical designs are equally elegant and simple, even in complex products, which utilize ultra-short signal paths and fewer high-quality parts for increased electrical efficiency and reduced distortion.



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