AAVIK D180 / 280 / 580 Digital/Analog Converter

Analogue signature from a world of digital sources
The ultimate goal in developing our separate DACs has been to transfer the digital signals into a natural, harmonious, yet, dynamic music experience without losing any of the enormous amount of information contained in the digital source. To reach this goal, the Aavik engineers have been extremely fastidious in selecting the electronic components and have spared no effort to exploit any opportunity for acoustic improvement.

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The AAVIK D180/280/580 Digital/Analog Converter is a high-end audio component designed to deliver exceptional digital-to-analog conversion for audio playback. The DAC is the flagship product from AAVIK, a Danish audio equipment manufacturer known for producing premium audio components.

The DAC also features a fully balanced circuit design with no global feedback, resulting in low distortion and a clean, natural sound. It supports a range of audio formats, including PCM and DSD, and features advanced digital signal processing to enhance audio quality and reduce jitter.


2 x BNC S/P-DIF (32-192k samples, 24-bit)
2 x TOSLINK optical (32–192k samples, 24-bit)
USB fully isolated, UAC 2, asynchronous
USB: PCM 32 – 192 k-samples, 24-bit, DSD 64 – DSD 128
Distortion: <0,005% (THD at 1kHz at 0dB)
1 pair of RCA outputs
Output: 4.5Vrms at 0dB
Output impedance: 100 ohms
Aavik Noise Reduction
Active Tesla Coils: 72
Active Square Tesla Coils: 176
Dither circuitry: 8
Power consumption
Standby <0.5W
Idle <50W
102 x 384 x 400mm