Ansuz A2 Powerbox

Elevate your audio system to audiophile-level quality with the Ansuz A2 Powerbox. This compact yet powerful device is the key to unlocking the full potential of your audio components. With advanced power conditioning and noise reduction technology, the Ansuz A2 Powerbox ensures a pristine and interference-free power supply, allowing your music to come to life with astonishing clarity and precision. Whether you’re a discerning audiophile or simply seeking to optimize your home entertainment setup, the Ansuz A2 Powerbox is your gateway to an immersive and breathtaking listening experience.

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The Ansuz A2 Powerbox is a high-performance power conditioner designed to improve the quality of the electrical power supply to audio and video systems. It is a device that sits between the power outlet and the equipment, and its purpose is to reduce noise, improve dynamics, and enhance overall sound and image quality.

The A2 Powerbox uses advanced technologies such as Ansuz Active Power Distribution (APD) and Ansuz Darkz Resonance Control (DRC) to filter out noise and vibrations from the power supply, providing a clean and stable power source to the connected equipment. It also features multiple high-quality outlets, each with its own APD filter, to ensure that all components receive optimal power.


  • 10 LAN ports
  • 10 Low voltage outlets
  • Extremely good grounding
  • Ansuz Active Tesla Coils (ATC) technology
  • Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coils (ACTC) technology
  • Ansuz Active Square Tesla Coils (ASTC) technology
  • Ansuz Dither Circuitry (DC) technology
  • Ansuz Anti Arial Resonance Coil (AARC) technology
  • Designed with Internal Resonance Control
  • MDF black lacquered cabinet
  • Steel chassis