Ansuz DARKZ Resonance Control

In an audio system, all components vibrate and resonate, and analog and digital transports generate heavy mechanical vibrations due to rotations in motors and platters.

It is important to be aware of these mechanical vibrations because even the smallest vibration has a huge impact on the electronic components and circuitry boards and it also generates new unwanted energy that will resonate backward and forwards in the system.

For instance, in an audio system, the loudspeakers are the source of the most profound vibrations. Furthermore, amplifiers are subject to 50/60 Hz resonances caused by the current driving the power supply. Even DACs, phono stages, and other low-current electronics create internal vibrations and compared to other electronic devices, they are even more sensitive to external tremors and pulsations.

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The DARKZ Resonance Control is made from a special material that has been engineered to absorb and dissipate vibrations, thereby reducing the amount of unwanted noise and distortion that can be present in an audio system. This material is then shaped into a specific pattern, which helps to further reduce vibrations and improve sound quality.

The Ansuz DARKZ Resonance Control can be used with a variety of audio components, including amplifiers, speakers, and other electronic devices. The device is placed between the component and the surface on which it rests, and can be easily adjusted to achieve the best possible sound quality.


Dimensions, Øxh:
44,5×23,8+0-10 mm
1,75×0,94 Inches+0-0,39