Ansuz Mainz8 A2, C2 and D2 Power Distributors

Introducing the Ansuz Mainz8 A2, C2, and D2 Power Distributors – the pinnacle of power delivery for your audio system. Crafted with precision and designed for uncompromising performance, these remarkable devices offer a trifecta of power enhancement solutions.

The Ansuz Mainz8 A2 ensures clean and stable power delivery to your components, minimizing electrical noise and maximizing your music’s clarity. The Mainz8 C2 takes it a step further, incorporating advanced filtering technology to eliminate interference, resulting in pristine sound quality that will leave audiophiles in awe. And for the ultimate in power optimization, the Mainz8 D2 combines dual transformer cores with state-of-the-art technology to provide an unparalleled listening experience, unveiling even the most subtle nuances in your favorite tracks. Elevate your audio system to new heights with the Ansuz Mainz8 series and immerse yourself in music like never before.

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The Ansuz Mainz8 A2, C2, and D2 Power Distributors are high-end power distribution systems designed to deliver clean and stable power to audio components such as amplifiers, CD players, DACs, and preamps. The A2, C2, and D2 versions refer to the number of outlets and the specific configuration of each outlet.

The Mainz8 also features Ansuz’s Tesla coil technology, which is designed to improve the performance of the power supply by creating a high-frequency field that helps to stabilize the power delivery. The Tesla coil technology is based on the principle of resonance, where a high-frequency field is created that helps regulate the voltage and current.

The Mainz8 is constructed using high-quality materials such as pure copper and carbon fiber, which are designed to minimize resistance and maximize conductivity. The outlets are also designed to be mechanically isolated from each other to prevent interference and cross-talk.


  • Best grounding in the market
  • Noise reduced 210/220V power supply with 8 outlets (EU or US)
  • Designed with very good mechanical grounding
  • Ansuz NSC technology
  • Highly efficient shielding
  • 10V or 230V power
  • Composite material black lacquered cabinet
  • Non-magnetic steel chassis