Ansuz Mainz8 D·TC Power Distributor

Ansuz Mainz8 D·TC Power Distributor is a top mains and ground distribution unit. It has 8 dedicated mains outlets and features the extremely low impedance star grounding system and huge amounts of our unique Sparkz and NSC technologies.

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The Ansuz Mainz8 D·TC Power Distributor is a high-end power distribution unit designed to provide clean and stable power to audio and video components. It features eight individually isolated outlets, each with its own advanced filtration and surge protection circuitry.

The Mainz8 D·TC utilizes Ansuz’s proprietary D·TC (Direct Transmission Concept) technology, which minimizes the impact of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise on the power signal. This results in a more natural and dynamic sound, with improved detail and imaging.

The unit also includes an advanced digital display that provides real-time monitoring of voltage and current levels, as well as other important metrics such as ground noise and phase angle. It can be controlled remotely using Ansuz’s proprietary Ground Control software, allowing for precise tuning and optimization of the power delivery.


505x298x100 mm
19,88×11,73×3,94 Inches

8 kg
17,6 lb

IEC C14 230/110 V

EU Schuko

Active Square Tesla Coils
> 94

Active Tesla Coils
> 47

Dither Circuitry
> 8

Active Square Tesla Coils
> 27