Ansuz Mainz8 X and X·TC Power Distributors

The Ansuz Mainz8 X and X·TC power distributor models will supply a steady flow of current to even the most demanding High-End system. With massive capacity of grounding through star grounding technology, the models features many of the same principles as the Ansuz Mainz cables line, and deliver the best possible groundwork for High-End performance.

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The Mainz8 X features eight outlets with individually filtered and isolated circuits, each capable of handling up to 16 amps of current. It utilizes Ansuz’s proprietary DGC (Dynamic Ground System) technology to eliminate ground noise and improve overall signal purity. The Mainz8 X also includes a built-in surge protector and a resonance-controlling carbon fiber base.

The Mainz8 X·TC takes things a step further by adding Ansuz’s Ceramic Technology (CTC) to the DGC system. CTC uses a special ceramic material to further reduce high-frequency noise and improve the resolution of delicate audio signals. The X·TC also includes an upgraded carbon fiber base and a more advanced surge protector than the standard Mainz8 X.

Both models feature a sleek, minimalist design and are constructed using high-quality materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. They also come with a range of optional accessories, such as dedicated power cords and grounding cables, to further enhance their performance.


  • Optimizing power flow to electronics in High-end music system
  • Best grounding in the market
  • Noise reduced 210/220V power supply with 8 outlets (EU/US)
  • Designed with very good mechanical grounding
  • Ansuz NSC technology
  • Highly efficient shielding
  • 110V or 230V power
  • Composit material black lacquered cabinet
  • Non-magnetic steel chassis