Ansuz P2 Cables

With the introduction of the new 2 series, Ansuz Acoustics has taken another remarkable step in the price/ performance ratio. This apply to the P2 as well, because its performance is at least in line with the previous Aluminium series – so get in the absolute world elite of High-End performance without paying a fortune.

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Ansuz P2 Streaming cables are high-end audio cables designed for use with digital audio equipment, such as streamers, DACs, and music servers. These cables use advanced technology to provide a clean, detailed, and accurate signal transfer, resulting in improved sound quality. 

The P2 Streaming cables feature a unique cable design that incorporates multiple conductor types and materials, including silver-plated copper and PTFE insulation. Ansuz P2 Streaming cables are available in a range of lengths and terminations to suit different audio setups. They are designed to be used in conjunction with other Ansuz products, such as power cables and speaker cables, to create a complete and optimized audio system.


Ansuz Signalz P2
Ansuz Signalz P3
XLR: Black Metal
Ansuz Signalz P4
XLR: Silver Plated Copper
Twisted Pairs
Ansuz Signalz P5
Ansuz Double Inverted Helix Coils
Ansuz Signalz P6
Ansuz Anti Aerial Resonance Coils
Ansuz Signalz P7

Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coils
Ansuz Signalz P8

Ansuz Charged Dielectric Technology
Ansuz Signalz P9

Ansuz PowerBox connection
Ansuz Signalz P10

Ansuz Signalz P11

RCA Conductors
Ansuz Signalz P12
XLR: 2 x 0.5mm² shielded, silver plated copper