Ansuz TC2 Sparkz Harmonizer

The Ansuz Sparks TC2 is a further development of the Sparkz noise canceling technique where we not only apply the noise canceling from Sparkz, but also add some very gentile analog dither to the mains 50/60 Hz sine. This dither further rounds noise transients and makes the downstream components capable of doing a better job as the rectifiers in the following audio components will switch softer.

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The Ansuz TC2 Sparkz Harmonizer is a device designed to improve the quality of audio signals in a stereo or multi-channel audio system. The Harmonizer is built with advanced technology and components, and is designed to reduce noise and distortion in the audio signal, resulting in improved clarity, detail, and overall sound quality.

An active power supply, ground plane, and resonance control are among the special technologies used in the device to lessen the effect of noise and interference on the audio stream. The Ansuz-exclusive DIHC (Direct Injected High Current) technology, which enables a more direct and efficient transfer of power between components and improves dynamics and exact reproduction of musical information, is also included in the Harmonizer.

The Ansuz TC2 Sparkz Harmonizer can be linked between any two audio system components and is made to be simple to install and use. It can also be used with analog sources like turntables and preamps, yet it can be particularly useful when used with digital sources like CD players, streams, and DACs.


  • Ansuz technology
  • EU and US version
  • Dimensions: Øxl:39.4 × 71.2 mm
  • Inches: 1.55 × 2.80