Borresen 01 – 2 Way Monitor

The BØRRESEN 01 speaker, with its unique ribbon tweeter and the innovative membrane of the low-weight bass/mid-range driver, guarantees a transparent and authentic musical performance projected onto a live stage. The artistic design of the cabinet and the stand turn this loudspeaker into a perfect amalgamation of outstanding musicality shaped into a piece of art.

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The Borresen 01 is a high-end 2-way monitor loudspeaker is the entry-level model in the 01 series of speakers from Borresen, a Danish manufacturer renowned for its uncompromising approach to speaker design and engineering.

The 01 monitor features a compact cabinet made from a combination of aluminum and composite materials, which provides high rigidity and low resonance for a clean and natural sound. The cabinet is available in a variety of finishes, including gloss black and wood veneer to match different room aesthetics.


2-Way Stand Mount Monitor Speaker

Frequency Response

86 dB/1W

>6 Ohms

Recommended Amplifier

1 x BØRRESEN planar ribbon tweeter
1 x BØRRESEN patented iron free bass/midrange driver – 4.5 inches

Walnut Veneer

5 years (Conditions apply, contact Nirvana Sound)

Dimensions & Weight
01 Speaker + Stand
H: 110.3 x W: 25.8 x D: 45.0 cm
H: 43.4 x W: 10.2 x D: 17.7 inches
18 kg / 39.68 lbs
01 Speaker
H: 36.8 x W: 18.4 x D: 41.5 cm
H: 14.5 x W: 7.2 x D: 16.3 inches
11.5 kg / 25.35 lbs
H: 73.5 x W: 25.8 x D: 41.5 cm
H: 28.9 x W: 10.2 x D: 16.3 inches
6.5 kg / 14.33 lbs