Borresen 02 – 2,5 Way Loudspeaker

The BØRRESEN 02 speaker opens up a new quality of high-end audio resolution. It reproduces the tonality of the individual timbre of any instrument as well as the vocal range of a singer with an unprecedented authenticity that imbues any music with a captivating quality.

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 The Borresen 02 features a stylish and modern design, with curved cabinet made from high-quality materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. The speaker system is equipped with two custom-made 6-inch mid-bass drivers and a 1-inch diamond tweeter, which are designed to deliver a natural and dynamic sound.

The 02 speaker system utilizes Borresen’s proprietary technologies, such as the “Linear Flow” port system and the “Coherent Wave” front baffle, which are designed to eliminate distortions and deliver a lifelike sound. The speaker system also features an internal crossover network that ensures seamless integration between the drivers.


2.5-Way Floor Standing Speaker
Frequency Response
88 dB/1W
>4 Ohms
Recommended Amplifier
1 x BØRRESEN planar ribbon tweeter
2 x BØRRESEN patented iron free bass/midrange driver – 4.5 inches
Walnut Veneer
5 years (Conditions apply, contact Nirvana Sound)
Dimensions & Weight
H: 105.5 x W: 30.5 x D: 51.0 cm
H: 41.3 x W: 11.8 x D: 20.1 inches
30.5 kg / 67.2 lbs