AAVIK 380 Amplifier

The Aavik U-380 integrated amplifier is an upgrade and technological development of its renowned predecessor, the Aavik U-300. With this model we have used all our experience and knowledge to make this model an even better amplifier.

The Aavik U-380 is upgraded using similar circuits as the C-380 preamplifier. You can get either two built-in DAC modules for PCM and DSD and a built-in phono stage, or you can get a built-in PCM DAC module and two built-in phono stages (no DSD support).

In addition, the Aavik U-380 has undergone a general trimming, adding significant amounts of tesla coil technology which is particularly important for the unit’s power supply and thus for the U-380 overall performance.

The complete upgrade has added unprecedented musicality and significantly improved power handling to the Aavik U-380.

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The Aavik 380 is a Class D power amplifier with a power output of 380 watts per channel into 8 ohms, or 700 watts per channel into 4 ohms. It features advanced digital signal processing technology, which enables it to deliver a highly accurate and precise audio signal to your speakers.

The amplifier is built with high-quality components, including a custom-designed toroidal power transformer, audiophile-grade capacitors, and ultra-low noise power supply modules. It also includes a built-in phono stage for vinyl enthusiasts, as well as a USB input for high-resolution digital audio playback.


Power output
290 watts into 8Ω (mono)
Frequency response
20Hz to 20kHz
Total harmonic distortion
30 dB
Input sensitivity
Speaker load impedance
4Ω (minimum)

440 x 133 x 480mm